Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, together with the information set out in the brochures, preparation information and course details, form part of your contract with AR Dykes t/a ARD Training and Events.

You can contact us at Manor House, Chapel Lane, South Duffield, Selby, YO8 6SY or by calling 01757 638479 or emailing sales@ardtrainingandevents.co.uk

Throughout these Terms and Conditions, a product refers to a training course described on the ardtrainingandevents.co.uk website.

1. Booking your course

1.1. Booking can be done:

1.1.1. On the ardtrainingandevents.co.uk website

1.1.2. Calling ARD Training and Events on 01757 638479.

1.1.3. When you book a training course via our website, we will contact you to arrange an appropriate date for you to take your course. Should you wish to arrange a date prior to booking, you should email us using the form provided on the product page. Once the date has been agreed, you should return to the course on our website and book the course online.

1.1.4 Bookings will not be confirmed until you return to us the booking form which we will send you by email and payment has been made in full.

2. Cancellations

2.1 In the event you need to cancel your course you must contact ARD Training and Events immediately.

2.2 In the event a request to cancel is received by us, an alternative date will be offered, but this will be subject to the availability of an instructor to deliver the course.

3. Attending your course

3.1 You must attend the course at the time and place designated on your booking form.

3.2 You must be prepared for the course which includes having at your disposal the appropriate clothing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). If attending a winching course, you must have strong gloves that will come off your hands should you get snagged by the winch rope; strong gardening gloves are ideal. Do not bring gloves with velcro straps that cannot be easily removed. If in doubt, please contact ARD Training and Events for advice.

3.3 Throughout the duration of the course you will take and abide by the instruction given to you by the course instructor at all times. Failure to comply will mean your course will be terminated at the discretion of the course instructor and you will be asked to leave the training site. This is to ensure your safety and that of our instructor and others who may be attending the course.